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Experience the unveiling of luxury with
Cap Juluca Spa by Guerlain—a rejuvenating retreat
nestled on the pristine shores of Anguilla.




For the discerning travelers who soar above the clouds in their private jets, an unparalleled escape awaits on the idyllic sands of Anguilla’s platinum beach. Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, a haven of exclusivity, is set to elevate your luxurious journeys even further with the upcoming launch of Cap Juluca Spa by Guerlain, a masterpiece of relaxation and rejuvenation slated for late 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the island’s indigenous Arawak tribe, who revered the dawn of each new day as a time of renewal and vitality, Cap Juluca Spa by Guerlain is a testament to the delicate balance between nature’s embrace and the replenishment of one’s energy. This secluded sanctuary will seamlessly blend into the breathtaking landscape, enveloping you in tranquility and luxury. Designed by the renowned Rottet Studio, the spa embodies opulent refinement while allowing nature’s beauty to shine through.

Indulge in a symphony of senses as Cap Juluca Spa by Guerlain presents an array of traditional and innovative treatments that honor Guerlain’s holistic approach. Each moment is an enchanting journey, guided by skilled Beauty Experts trained meticulously in Guerlain rituals. The spa offers a collection of exclusive treatments, uniquely crafted to harmonize with Anguilla’s culture, atmosphere, and activities.



Stepping into the spa, you’re welcomed by an open-air courtyard adorned with intricate mosaic patterns and a central fountain, surrounded by lush tropical foliage. The serene ambiance continues as you explore private treatment rooms boasting stunning ocean views, carefully designed with cerused and bleached white oak, limestone flooring, and rough-cut limestone basins.

After your revitalizing experience, retreat to tranquil spaces designed for post-treatment relaxation. The sun-kissed pool deck beckons you to unwind under azure skies, while the peaceful solarium offers a respite from the world’s demands. For moments of introspection and renewal, the Calichi Garden, reminiscent of the revered Arawak fountain, awaits with its soothing plunge pool and an ambiance conducive to private reflection.

Cap Juluca Spa by Guerlain beckons you to explore the harmonious connection between luxury, nature, and inner rejuvenation. As the doors of this exquisite sanctuary swing open, prepare to embark on a journey where each moment is a celebration of self-indulgence and sensory delight. Discover the epitome of sustainable elegance, only at Cap Juluca.

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