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Antique Persian Ferahan Carpet


Claremont Rug - Persian Antique - Indulg


Created during the heyday of the Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving, this exquisite palace size carpet was most certainly woven on commission. Only one of the finest workshops in the centuries-old large town of Ferahan, renowned for its finely woven splendid carpets, could have achieved this major project for a patron.

A large rug completely one-of-a-kind in its design and color, it technically exemplifies the best work from the region. With its intricate pattern of cascading boughs and encircled palmettes, it has no precedent. A close up look at this carpet reveals a multitude of motifs, each without duplication, but a variation on the theme. An unfathomable number of saffron stamens would have been needed to create its primary, very rare golden hue that in the hands of a master dyer became a spectrum of subtle gradations. On its surface, a heavier pile of lamb’s wool offers a quietly sumptuous luster and luxury

Within the Persian tradition of one-of-a-kind carpets, visionary designers, while unknown to us, were the Rembrandts or Monets of their time. This palace size rug is an enormous naturalistic garden. Offering extraordinary refinement for an antique carpet of such great size, it took a team of eight weavers up to four years to complete when it was woven over 130 years ago.

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