Chevalier Morales’s exceptional design of the Langlois-Lessard residence effortlessly illustrates the apt way to integrate nature and architecture.



When luxury design meets real estate, you can guarantee an execution of artistic divinity. When a dazzling fusion of style and architecture melds seamlessly together, there can be no hiding the lustre it will generate. With an increasing appeal for exquisite design, the names of top architects worldwide are gracing the digital world with an intention to impress. The aristocracy of Canadian design, Chevalier Morales captures a sumptuous spectacle of monochromatic elements, right in the very heart of Lake SaintLouis: The Langlois-Lessard Residence.


Chevalier Morales’ award-winning architectural design company has created an abundance of prolific design, such as the Saul-Bellow Library (Montreal) and the Drummondville Library (Drummondville). Such compositions have led to the creation of The Langlois-Lessard Residence, a project that spectacularly highlights the importance of preservation within the site’s natural environment. Their impeccable eye for detail has helped them build an immaculate record, resulting in two consecutive prestigious wins; the Grand Prix of Excellence which was awarded to them by the Architect Association of Quebec. 


An alluring design of this contemporary residence is just as captivating as its surroundings. Chevalier Morales integrated the site’s natural elements with modern convenience, creating a masterpiece at the core of hazardous terrain. A west-facing pool is ensconced by walls of natural sand limestone, a material that is further capturing the attention of architects as the decade begins. The need for sustainability within the realms of real estate will not quash the desire for style, but instead will be integrated in the coming years. Hemlock textured polished concrete add additional soft tones to its palatable designs. 


Chevalier Morales knowingly use a splendor of natural stone materials to each room, a conquest of chic design that has recently been pegged as a design trend for 2020. An elegant open fireplace graces the living room upon entering, another nod to exhibit the area’s natural elements. The minimalism extends to the slim staircase; neutral and ornate. The angular ceilings playfully carve dips and peaks throughout each bedroom and provide a unique identity to the structure. Muted pallets and accents of fragmented textures are laced geometrically throughout the building; with soft marbles peppered across the main living space. Full-length panels of glass pave way for golden hues to drench every crevice, invoking a sense of calm throughout the entire space. The open glass allows the residents to immerse themselves in Lake Saint-Louis, with an impression that they too, are oozing outward towards the water. Incorporating the outdoors so implicitly, is a smart move when outdoor living becomes all too out of reach during bitter Canadian winters. 


The Langlois-Lessard Residence offers a discreet and intimate setting, redefining the characteristics of modern opulence within the territory of the brutal wintry backdrop. At the core of Chevalier Morales, lies an ethos that perfectly encapsulates modern architecture with responsible material sources and home productivity. This residence epitomizes the success of respecting sustainability within architecture as well as the need to preserve the site’s natural surroundings and utilizes nature for additional beauty.