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Only 500 where made and have only been preserved by a lucky few. That is until now.

Text: Jessica Hall
Bugatti Baby II

After the success of the Bugatti Type 35 in the 20s, Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean decided to build his youngest son a half-scale Type 35 for his fourth birthday. The demand for this mini Bugatti went through the roof, and the Bugatti Baby was born.

To celebrate the company’s 110th birthday, Bugatti II enters the market. The Baby II has a rear-wheel-drive battery-powered electric powertrain, removable lithium-ion battery packs, and regenerative braking. The junior car comes in two power modes with an option to add a Speed Key to Baby II. The cockpit is a scale replica of Type 35’s distinguishing features from the four-spoke steering wheel to the custom instruments and leather seating. The exterior is painted in the traditional French Racing Blue, although buyers can pick another from a range of alternative colors. The eight-spoke aluminum alloy wheel and powerful headlights complete the signature look.

Baby II comes with a limited-edition numbered plaque and vehicles ordered in 2019 will also incorporate a badge to commemorate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary.


Prices start at 30,000 Euros (app $34,000), not including taxes and delivery.

Production begins Fall 2019, so reserve your spot at

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