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The newest product from the Bugatti Lifestyle collection.

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The ultimate Bugatti collection always begins with a hyper sports car parked in the garage of the high-performance connoisseur. But the dedication to Bugatti can expand beyond four-wheel products that come from the Atelier in Molsheim. The newest product from the Bugatti Lifestyle collection is a Pool Table that is adorned in carbon fiber, built to the matching high standards of the famous model range from the French luxury marque. Now Bugatti aficionados can build on their dedication to Molsheim at home – or at sea – with the new Pool Table featuring optional highly advanced gyroscopic self-levelling technology for use on a yacht.

True to the Bugatti name, the Pool Table uses innovative technology to give it the edge over rival products. An optional servo-driven system deploys a gyroscopic sensor to level the table – in case of installation on board a yacht. Each leg can move to compensate for the movement of a ship and remain perfectly level. The system can adjust in just 5 milliseconds, and the movement is completed in total silence with vibration-free adjustment. The carbon fiber finish of the Pool Table represents the sporting nature of the French luxury marque, while the strong frame of the table is underpinned by machined aluminum and titanium. The product meets the standards of a professional tournament pool table.

A unique plate adorns each Bugatti Pool Table, displaying the famous Bugatti logo and the limited-edition number for each product – just like with every hyper sports car receives from the Atelier. The Pool Table is made in a limited run of 30 tables, with five to be made by IXO® in 2021. The sides of the drawers of the Pool Table are manufactured with CNC-machined, brushed and anodized aluminum, complete with the Bugatti logo. Ball pockets made from stainless steel are lined with leather, with fittings complete with titanium screws and nuts to prevent corrosion from aluminum parts.

The first official Bugatti Pool Table will be delivered to customers in June and is available to purchase for €250.000, including the accessories.

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