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Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition

Bugatti Smart Watch_EI_PALH_JF23-2.jpg
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Bugatti Smart Watch_EI_PALH_JF23-4.jpg
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In the modern era of Bugatti, carbon fiber is a crucial material. Extremely lightweight, strong, and dense, it is used both in the monocoque and in the body of every Bugatti. Without its innate strength, the record-breaking performance of models like the Chiron Super Sport 300+1 would simply not be possible. The revolutionary material is applied to the Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch, immediately creating a link with Bugatti’s range of hyper sports cars. Finished with highlights of blue, a French racing color forever associated with the brand, the carbon fiber elements are milled precisely from a solid block.

The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition is waterproof to 100 m or 10 ATM, and comes with a 390*390px AMOLED Sapphire glass touch screen with 16.7 million colors. Owners of the watch have the choice of wearing it with a gray silicone/nylon strap or a black silicone strap – both included in the box.

The first limited edition Bugatti smartwatch is also the first carbon smartwatch ever. It is limited to 2500 pieces.

Further information as well as pre-orders are available at

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