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Brent Estabrook’s vibrant, textured paintings of stuffed animals evoke nostalgia and joy, aiming to inspire happiness, creativity, and mindfulness in a whimsical critique of contemporary society.

LBMA Solo Show

Creature Comforts, LBMA Solo Show Photo by Jonathan Jovel


LA-based artist, Brent Estabrook’s vibrant works stand as a joyful defiance! His transition from a career in dentistry to becoming a renowned artist is as unique as it is inspiring. Reflecting on his artistic journey, Estabrook shared, “The choice of stuffed animals as a central theme is striking and evokes a blend of nostalgia and joy. What drew me to this motif was its ability to reflect and critique contemporary society and its values.” His works are not just visual delights but also profound commentaries on the whimsical nature of childhood and the purity of unfiltered joy.

Estabrook’s art, especially his signature stuffed animals series, is more than just a nostalgic trip; it’s an invitation to rediscover joy. Each painting is meticulously crafted, with a depth of texture and vibrant use of color that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Describing his process, he says, “My mission as an artist is simple: to inspire the viewer and to elicit a positive visceral reaction... whether it be happiness, creativity, or mindfulness.” This intention is evident in every brushstroke, in every meticulously placed hue, transforming his canvases into realms where joy and creativity reign supreme.

One of the most compelling aspects of Estabrook’s art is his use of stuffed animals, which, beyond their immediate visual appeal, serve as a poignant metaphor for innocence and happiness. He reflects, “Everybody loves the Stuffed Animal Pile paintings, and it is easy to see why. They are tokens of our childhood, mementos of days when we believed in our limitless potential.” These words encapsulate the essence of his work, where each painting is a testament to the boundless joy and creativity that can be found in the simplest of things.

_Adventure Time_ Quilts Art Miami Maddox Photo by Brent Estabrook_.jpg

Adventure Time, Quilts Art Miami Maddox Photo by Brent Estabrook

_Party Snake_ cRaZy stuFFed aniMALs Photo by Jonathan Jovel.jpg

Party Snake, cRaZy stuFFed aniMALs,
Photo by Jonathan Jovel

_Stick em Up!_ cRaZy stuFFed aniMALs Photo by Brent Estabrook_.jpg

Stick em Up!, cRaZy stuFFed aniMALs, Photo by Brent Estabrook

_ToyBox_ Stuffed Animal Pile _Smiles_ 4 ft Chocolate Bronze Sculpture LBMA Photo by Jonath

ToyBox, Stuffed Animal Pile, Smiles, 4 ft Chocolate Bronze
Sculpture LBMA, Photo by Jonathan Jovel

Brent E. by Michelle Mosqueda-29.jpg

Brent E. by Michelle Mosqueda

12 Photo by Darian Jovan.png

Photo by Darian Jovan

_Smiles_ Plushie 1st Edition Photo by Brent Estabrook_.jpg

Smiles, Plushie 1st Edition Photo by Brent Estabrook

Smiles, Polished Bronze Sculpture Photo by Brent Estabrook

_Smiles_ Polished Bronze Sculpture Photo by Brent Estabrook_.jpg
cRaZy stuFFed aniMALs Art Miami Maddox Gallery Photo by Brent Estabrook_.jpg

cRaZy stuFFed aniMALs, Art Miami Maddox Gallery,
Photo by Brent Estabrook


In his recent exhibition, “Creature Comforts,” Estabrook pushed the boundaries of his creative expression. The show featured the second edition of his artist book “Desire to Inspire,” a continuation of his commitment to reaching and inspiring a broader audience. Estabrook states, “Edition #2 is a way for me to reach even more people! My continued growth as an artist is to inspire as many people as possible.” This desire to inspire is the cornerstone of his artistic philosophy, driving him to create works that resonate deeply with viewers, inviting them to engage with their inner child and rediscover the simple joys of life.

Estabrook’s works are experiences, each one a vibrant narrative of color and texture that beckons viewers to step closer, to lose themselves in the playful energy that radiates from the canvas. As the artist himself puts it, “My hope is that the unfettered joyful energy I felt while working in the studio is passed along to you as you view them now.” In a world often shadowed by uncertainty, Estabrook’s art stands as a beacon of joy, a reminder of the beauty that lies in simplicity and the profound impact of a well-placed brushstroke.

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