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Bourbon hunters, grab some friends and head to Hye, Texas to scour the Garrison Brothers Distillery to taste, pick and secure a barrel that fits your unique taste profile.
Text: Jessica Hall
Bourbon Hunting

For bourbon connoisseurs, a considerable part of the enjoyment lies in the sensory experience of smelling and seeing the amber spirit before finally tasting it, each having their way of carrying out the personal ritual. The dream of many of these enthusiasts is to have the chance to select a barrel of their own. Garrison Brothers Distillery, the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas makes that happen in a very coveted experience.

Going in on a barrel is a oncein-a-lifetime chance to get the best and unique bourbon. From hand-picking the barrel, which will be at least four years old, to participating in the bottling process, each bottle is handcrafted for you. Remember, just like trees no two barrels are alike, so take your time and taste away.

Once, you have made your selection; your spirits are placed in stunning 750 ml bottles. Personalized with a pewter Texas Star affixed to the front, each bottle is dipped by hand in silver wax and features an antiqued label that reads “hand-selected.”

The Garrison Brothers’ Single Barrel Experience ranges from $3,000 - 7,000 depending on how many bottles your barrel yields.

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