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Measuring an impressive 52 meters in length, the Bilgin 170 promises an unrivaled journey on the open seas.

Bilgin yacht
Bilgin 170_EI-3.jpg
Bilgin 170_EI-2.jpg
Bilgin Yacht


Embodied within its polished form is a harmonious convergence of elegance, comfort, and allure, offering a sailing experience that transcends the ordinary and captures the essence of true maritime splendor.

A celebration of elegance and familiarity, the interior is a captivating masterpiece that gradually unfolds its wonders to those who venture within. Glimmering with natural light pouring in through generous, expansive windows, the space boasts a profusion of natural materials, most notably the breathtaking eucalyptus wood and stone floor. Each element beckons exploration, revealing new intricacies with every admiring gaze.

Beyond its sumptuous aesthetics, this yacht boasts a beach club that sets new standards for comfort and functionality, rivaling the best gyms in its class. Proudly presented by Bilgin Yachts, a prestigious shipyard based in Istanbul, the Bilgin 170 stands as the epitome of nautical ingenuity and artistic collaboration. An inspiring joint venture between Emrecan Özgün of Unique Yacht Design, the distinguished exterior designer, and Hot Lab, the esteemed interior designer hailing from Italy, this vessel stands as a testament to their exceptional creativity and vision.

Price upon request.

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