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Volcano Tribute Red


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For nearly 120 years the name Berkel has stood for precision, design and style. While most other kitchen appliances radiate all the sexiness of a Passat wagon, the slicers from Berkel are often referred to as the “Ferrari of the kitchen” – particularly because of their eye-catching red design. Such a machine not only serves its functional purpose, but also put its stamp on the look of any kitchen as an eye-catcher and design object. Slicing has never been more beautiful. The Volano Tribute Red is a reproduction of the historic Berkel B model “Indianiana” from the 1920s, with a classic Berkel flywheel in a vintage look.

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The Tribute, Flywheel Meat slicer is completely hand-made, weighs about 115 pounds and stands at 58.3 inches with pedestal. Its blade has a diameter of 11.8 inches, ideal for the perfect cut thin or thick. Adorned with art nouveau-inspired decors, this artisanal machine is available in two colors red and black.

Volano Tribute Red with NFC Tag of Certificate of Authenticity €6,699.00 without pedestal. The Pedestal is an additional €1,649.00

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