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BERES Golf Line



The Five-Star BERES line is not your typical sold off the rack golf clubs. They are one of the most luxurious symbols of status to hit the greens. Since the inception in 1959, devoted BERES owners which include royalty, presidents, celebrities, and the ultra-wealthy consider them to be like the ultimate statement timepiece or haute jewelry. They are functional works of art that not only looks fabulous on any course but performs extremely well too. The luxurious design incorporates the likes of gold paint with vaporized gold powder sourced from Germany and applied via a special process, 24K grade mark badge in the irons, 24K gold and platinum ferrule trim, and 24K gold grip marks.



Equally impressive is the performance. “Like a sword used in fencing, a BERES golf shaft flexes but recovers more quickly back to its original shape adding even more swing speed, control, and distance,” proclaims Honma’s North American General Manager Chris McGinley. “The ARMRQ Five-Star shaft is the most advanced shaft in golf.”

The Five-Star BERES line is among the most luxury-oriented in golf costing in the neighborhood of $50,000 per set depending on the number of clubs.

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