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Bentley Motors
Balance Bike

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Inspiring adventures big and small, the Bentley Balance Bike, the fashionable pedal-less bike, teaches children, from three years and upwards, how to balance on two wheels while building their confidence on a bicycle. Created in a range of colors to match the paint options available to Bentley customers, the Balance Bike has meticulous attention to detail and style as Bentley Motors’ designs. Diamond-quilted handlebars echo the luxury detailing found in Bentley cars, with the iconic wings emblem prominently positioned below them. The “Bentley” name painted across the frame gives a specific reference to the brand. An exclusive feature of the Bentley Balance Bike is a unique safety locking brake system, giving children greater stopping power so that they can ride with confidence – a feature not available on many other balance bikes on the market. The magnesium alloy frame inspired by the sleek lines of Bentley cars can support up to 77 pounds, despite the frame only weighing about 1.5 pounds, making it portable yet robust. Aluminum wheel rims can withstand high degrees of curb weight but do not add bulk to the bike, allowing children to push themselves forward effortlessly. The air-filled 12-inch rubber tires ensure absolute comfort. For further convenience, the ergonomically designed adjustable seat is made from eco-leather and features the Bentley wordmark and a carbon fiber-inspired pattern for added style. Distinctive knurling beneath the seat gives extra grip for added reassurance.

The Bentley Balance Bike is priced at £450.00.

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