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Bathing Beauties


Dornbracht Horizontal Shower


By: Gina Samarotto                                                                                   Excerpt from Article

      Samarotto Design Group                                                                    Published: September 1, 2013



When form elegantly melds with function it’s a design success worthy of celebration, and nowhere in the home is this joyous marriage more welcome than the bath.  


Far from the utilitarian, sterile spaces of days gone by; todays bathrooms are given the attention to design and luxury once reserved for far more public areas of the home. 


Designers are dreaming up residential baths boasting upscale finishes that give even the most exclusive spas a run for their money.  With design plans that call for exotic woods, artisanal tiles, sumptuous textiles and luxurious fixtures; jaw dropping bathrooms are quickly becoming the expectation rather than the exception in high end construction. 


Leading the pack in upscale bathroom fixtures are the offerings from Dornbracht.   A family run business with more than sixty years of innovative design under their very chic belt, this German company is no stranger to the upscale market.


While the elegant reach of Dornbracht extends to a complete line of sleek and sigh worthy fixtures, the crown jewels of their collection are, arguably, the amazing shower options.  High on the “must-have” lists of designers and clients and boasting a veritable treasure trove of indulgence; classifying these hedonistic beauties as simply showerheads would be akin to referring to the Maserati Quattroporte as a nice little family sedan. 

For those who prefer a sensual soak rather than a symphonic shower, the Imperia tub from Tyrrell & Laing International is a head turner.  Despite its monolithic measurements (76” x 45”) and impressive depth, this freestanding beauty has surprisingly graceful lines and a stately, quiet elegance. Quite possibly the largest stock ready tub available on the market today; the Imperia is sized generously enough for even the biggest bath lovers – not to mention an entire fleet of rubber ducks. 

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