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In the historic heart of Montpellier, France, an artistic installation titled “Livrons-nous” has captured public imagination and acclaim, earning the Prix du Public award at the Festival des Architectures Vives 2023. The brainchild of three friends and architects, Camille Maire, Viviane Le Deunff, and Charlotte Jeanjean, this installation is a creative testament to their diverse inspirations and architectural genius.

Set against the backdrop of a 13th-century courtyard, “Livrons-nous” emerges as a playful yet profound exploration of our connection with the sacredness of the world and its evolution. The installation, standing at a striking nine meters, invites viewers into a reflective journey on the essence of books and writing in the digital era.

In a world increasingly dominated by virtual interactions, “Livrons-nous” stands as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of the written word. It portrays books as timeless vessels of emotion, bridging past and present. The installation, a monumental spiral made of a thousand loose pages seemingly escaping from an ancient book and drifting skyward, symbolizes the liberation of imagination. It encourages visitors to engage with their creativity, providing a vintage school desk for them to pen their thoughts, perhaps rekindling memories of childhood.

Beyond its artistic allure, “Livrons-nous” also serves as a unique opportunity to open the once inaccessible and emblematic courtyard of the Ginestous private hotel to the public. The installation creates a stunning colorimetric and sensory harmony between the aged stones of the historic building and the contemporary art form.

Tailored specifically for this historic courtyard, the installation resonates with a wide audience, offering the potential for adaptation in various spaces. The recognition of “Livrons-nous” with the Prix du Public award in June 2023 is a testament to its impact, blending architectural innovation with the timeless charm of literature. This installation is not just an artistic expression but a bridge connecting history, architecture, and the enduring magic of the written word.

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