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François Morelli’s mural transformations bring a unique and personal touch to residential spaces, blending the boundaries between daily life and artistic expression, and turning ordinary walls into captivating canvases that tell stories of creativity, culture, and personal identity.


François Morelli

Fireplace Stûv 16: Stûv America
Armchairs: Moustache
Carpet: Will Choui

François Morelli, a key figure in Quebec’s visual art scene and a pioneer of relational art, demonstrates a rich multidisciplinary approach, encompassing drawing, printing, installation, sculpture, and painting. His work is marked by deep reflections on the status of an object during its creation and how it is perceived by viewers. Morelli’s art resonates with themes of passage, circulation, and transformation, showcasing his engagement with the artistic process.

A notable example of his work is his unique approach to home wall drawing, utilizing fireplaces as canvases. Morelli began his journey in this area in the 1970s with stamping techniques and later incorporated stencils to layer images. This method was first explored during his residency at Quebec City’s Chambre Blanche gallery, where he used around ten stamps.

In 1995, Morelli shifted to working in residential spaces, offering wall drawings in exchange for meals. This innovative approach connected architecture, daily living spaces, and artistic creation, marking a significant phase in his career and highlighting the intimate and personal nature of his work.

Returning to this tradition in 2022 with “La Maison Noire” (“The Black House”), Morelli created “La nuit, tous les chats sont gris” (“At Night, All Cats Are Grey”). This project involved producing five images with stamps, complementing existing pieces in his collection. Notably, this mural was the first printed on a black surface. The work inspired a series titled “Les grandes eaux nocturnes” (“The Great Nocturnal Waters”), exhibited at the Chiguer Art Contemporain gallery. Morelli’s continued exploration of home wall drawing and his evolving techniques highlight his profound connection to the art form and its potential to transform living spaces into immersive, artistic

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