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An Intimate Conversation with
Figurative Sculptor Charlotte Szynskie




In the elegance of Loveland’s Sculpture in the Park show, where art and nature intersect to create an ethereal gallery, we had the distinct privilege of engaging in a dialogue with the remarkable American sculptor Charlotte Szynskie. A confluence of disciplines, a fusion of heart and intellect, Szynskie’s sculptures evoke a symphony of emotions through their tactile intricacy and gravity-defying forms. Her journey, akin to a transformative ballet, unfurls from the calculated world of electrical engineering to the unrestrained embrace of figurative sculpting. This voyage of passion and purpose, guided by an unerring eye for anatomy, manifests in works that effortlessly bridge the chasm between art and science.

From Engineer to Artisan:
A Symphony of Sculptureneering

As a precocious child, Szynskie’s artistic inclinations simmered beneath her pragmatic veneer. A bust of her father in high school marked her inaugural dalliance with figurative sculpture. Engineering soon beckoned, a discipline of precision and calculation, yet the allure of artistic creation never waned. It was a transition delayed, not denied. In the crucible of her fifties, the latent ardor was rekindled, culminating in her serendipitous enrollment in a figurative art class at the Art Students League of Denver. Her hands, once bound by engineering blueprints, now embraced malleable clay, setting her on a course to sculptural enlightenment.

A Duel of Disciplines: Engineering and Art
Divergent though they may appear, the realms of engineering and art share a harmonious rapport within Szynskie’s creative ethos. Like an alchemical blend of reason and intuition, her engineering background furnishes an unparalleled foundation for her sculptural endeavors. In her electrical engineering pursuits, she grappled with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of design, a philosophy seamlessly transposed into her artistry. The parallelism between engineering’s meticulous design process and the artist’s endeavor to imbue life into inanimate clay has led her to christen her approach as “sculptureneering.” Her acute attention to anatomical detail, informed by her engineering proclivity, bestows upon her sculptures an arresting realism, a visceral connection with the human form.

A Dance of Clay and Essence: Crafting Human Emotion in Static Form
A palpable sensory symphony unfolds as Szynskie molds her sculptures from clay. The sculptor’s fingers metamorphose into an extension of her psyche, coaxing the clay into evocative contours. She relishes the tactile communion, an intimate pas de deux with the medium, where the boundary between creator and creation blurs. Her sculpting process elicits an emotion akin to sculptural alchemy, transforming the mundane into the magical, clay into living essence.

SzynskieArm20210719_124504 6.jpg

The Ephemeral Becomes Eternal: Capturing Movement in Stillness
Capturing the ephemeral moment of weightless suspension within the confines of still sculpture requires an alchemy of observation and artistic intuition. Szynskie’s acrobatic sculptures, poised on the cusp of kinetic transformation, exude a palpable dynamism. The sculptor’s keen eye for detail and hours of meticulous work culminate in sculptures that pulsate with an internal rhythm, an eternal dance frozen in time.

A Gaze into the Soul: The Intimate World of Portraiture
Szynskie’s portraiture, akin to a soulful symphony, transcends the physical to delve into the intangible realm of character and essence. In the age of smartphones and fleeting imagery, her process stands as a testament to the enduring power of observation. By meticulously measuring and observing her models, she navigates the delicate dance between accuracy and artistic interpretation, channeling the very essence of her subjects into her sculptures.



Towards the Horizon of Excellence: Aspirations and Impact
Gazing towards the horizon, Szynskie envisions a future resplendent with artistic refinement. As the symphony of her sculptures resonates with audiences, her aspiration is to kindle a spark within others, urging them to explore the depths of their creativity. Each sculpture, a testament to human grace and perseverance, stands as an embodiment of Szynskie’s indomitable spirit, a tangible testament to her unyielding quest for artistic excellence.

In the heart of Loveland’s artistic tapestry, amidst the grandeur of the Sculpture in the Park show, Charlotte Szynskie’s sculptures stand as testaments to the fusion of disparate worlds—art and engineering, observation and intuition. As the sun bids farewell to the day and the sculptures cast their enigmatic shadows, one cannot help but reflect on the journey of an artist whose hands and heart have masterfully woven the threads of life, capturing gravity-defying moments for eternity.


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