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Embark on a journey into the world of Gavin and Kelley Brodin, offering an unparalleled exploration of artistry, innovation,
and the profound dialogue between human emotion
and the natural world.


Formed For


In the high-end echelons of art collecting, where discerning eyes seek not just beauty but a story and a soul within each piece, Formed For Sculptures emerges as a beacon of innovation and artistic mastery. Founded by the dynamic duo, Gavin and Kelley Brodin, this venture is a vivid narrative of passion, precision, and partnership. With Gavin’s illustrious 25-year legacy in luxury interior design and Kelley’s profound artistic prowess, they have sculpted a unique niche. Their sculptures are not mere objects but embodiments of stories, emotions, and the inherent beauty of the natural world.

The heart of Formed For lies in the serendipitous merging of Gavin’s architectural ingenuity and Kelley’s creative intuition. Together, they embarked on this journey with a shared aspiration—to create sculptures that transcend the conventional boundaries of art and design. This venture was conceived out of a mutual desire to fuse their distinct talents into a collaborative force, capable of producing sculptures that are both aesthetically captivating and imbued with deeper meanings and narratives.

The creation of each sculpture at Formed For is akin to a choreographed dance between Gavin’s meticulous attention to detail and Kelley’s expansive artistic vision. Their process is an intimate dialogue, a back-and-forth that meticulously weaves together their individual perspectives into a cohesive artistic expression. This partnership thrives on balance—Gavin’s precision in design and Kelley’s fluidity in artistry—crafting pieces that resonate with both harmony and innovation.


Chromatic Illusions .jpg
Formed For


Travel and exploration form the backbone of their inspiration, drawing upon a rich palette of influences from different cultures, landscapes, and the ever-evolving tapestry of global art. Yet, their creative journey is marked by a thoughtful deliberation, where each sculpture is nurtured from concept to completion with an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and excellence.

The sculptures of Formed For stand as testaments to the Brodins’ philosophy of creating art that harmonizes with its environment, promoting a sense of peace and connection. Drawing from the restorative essence of nature, their work is designed to evoke tranquility and introspection. Whether through the fluidity of forms or the organic textures, each piece aims to forge a visceral bond with the viewer, inviting them into a space of contemplation and serenity.


Balance and Grace FF.jpg
FF1057-SS (300dpt 4x4).jpg


Understanding the bespoke needs of their clientele—ranging from luxury residences to commercial spaces—Formed For excels in customization. Every sculpture not only enhances its intended space but also reflects the unique narratives and aspirations of its patrons. Through a collaborative ethos, Gavin and Kelley engage deeply with their clients, translating their visions into sculptural realities that surpass expectations.

A notable highlight in Formed For’s portfolio is an 18-foot bronze sculpture that majestically adorns a client’s entrance, symbolizing the individual paths of their three children. This piece exemplifies the Brodins’ ability to encapsulate personal stories within their sculptures, creating not just art, but landmarks of personal significance and emotional depth.

As Formed For continues to evolve, its founders remain committed to expanding their reach and influence within the art and design communities. With a vision set on becoming the premier choice for trade professionals, the studio is actively embracing innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. Ensuring that each sculpture not only stands as a pinnacle of artistic achievement but also as a steward of environmental responsibility.


FF1071-CS (300dpi 4x4).jpg


With upcoming projects and collaborations on the horizon, Formed For is poised to redefine the landscape of sculptural art. Offering glimpses into future endeavors that promise to blend artistic excellence with meaningful engagement. In the world of Formed For Sculptures, art is not just seen but experienced, inviting us to explore the depths of creativity, connection, and the enduring power of beauty. In this curated realm where design meets nature, Formed For Sculptures stands as a testament to the transformative potential of art, where every piece is a bridge between the imaginative and the tangible, the personal and the universal.


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