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As we traverse the thrilling path of automotive evolution, David Brown Automotive emerges as a beacon of timeless British craftsmanship, with music mogul Simon Cowell being among its distinguished early patrons.



One might wonder about the enchanting aura of the classic Mini. The answer lies in its most recent, electrified avatar – the Mini eMastered. This engineering marvel is not just another car; it’s a testament to David Brown Automotive’s relentless pursuit of perfection. This ethos resonated with the esteemed music impresario and television icon, Simon Cowell, leading to the inception of a bespoke Mini eMastered that now stands as a gleaming jewel in his collection.

With the delicate hands of master craftsmen pouring in hundreds of hours, Cowell’s Mini eMastered, grounded in a robust and streamlined shell, is adorned with intricate details that exude luxury. Nestled within this automotive marvel is a simple yet groundbreaking EV powertrain.

“I’ve never driven anything that comes close to a go-kart, apart from this,” Cowell mused, reflecting on the exhilarating rush provided by the electric torque. His initial rendezvous with David Brown in 2019 saw him falling for the Mini Remastered. However, the allure of electrification was irresistible, prompting a transformation into the eMastered version.

Under its iconic silhouette rests an 18.8kWh battery, preserving the classic Mini’s sprightly performance. This electrified iteration, astonishingly, mirrors the weight of its petrol ancestor, ensuring that the iconic ‘go-kart’ essence remains untouched. Its efficiency? An impressive 110 miles on a single charge, with a recharge time of just 3 hours.

For those envisioning their very own Mini eMastered, David Brown offers a canvas limited only by imagination. Cowell’s own design sensibilities are etched into his Mini – a manifestation of his dream car. Yet, beneath its vintage charm, it boasts modern conveniences, including an integrated infotainment system and seamless smartphone connectivity.

Michelle Gay, the stalwart behind David Brown Automotive’s Sales & Marketing, encapsulates the ethos: “Mini eMastered appeals to both the head and the heart. It’s a model that reaffirms David Brown Automotive’s leading position in the luxury automotive industry.”

In an era of automotive renaissance, David Brown’s Mini eMastered stands as a bridge, linking the cherished past to an electrifying future. Collectors, it’s time to script your own chapter with this electrified classic.


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