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Rick Garcia’s artistry transcends the conventional, offering collectors an opportunity to delve into a world where surreal beauty intersects with cultural and environmental consciousness.


02 Rick Garcia IMG_7085.jpg

Tree of Anila, by Rick Garcia (acrylic on canvas)


Artist Rick Garcia’s journey began with a youthful admiration for surrealism, particularly the work of Salvador Dali, Garcia has crafted a career that is as diverse as it is impactful. Encouraged from an early age to pursue his artistic dreams, he embarked on a path that led him from the classrooms of the Art Institute of Miami to the global stage, where his work has garnered acclaim and sparked conversations on environmental and cultural themes.

Garcia’s early fascination with Dali not only influenced his stylistic development but also motivated a pilgrimage to Dali’s home in Spain, an experience that deepened his commitment to surrealism. This commitment is evident in the unique imagery and exceptional technique that characterize his work, qualities that quickly translated into professional success through published illustrations and ambitious projects. Notably, his involvement with the hit TV series “Miami Vice,” for which he created a significant mural, marked an early milestone, showcasing his ability to blend art with popular culture.

Garcia’s influence extends beyond the canvas to address pressing global issues. His commissioned stamp series for The United Nations Postal Administration in 1998 and 2003 highlighted the critical concerns of rainforest extinction and freshwater scarcity, earning recognition for their beauty and poignant message. Such endeavors underscore Garcia’s dedication to leveraging his artistic voice for environmental advocacy.


04 Rick Garcia _Reflections II_ 64x44 (2021).jpeg

Reflections II, by Rick Garcia (acrylic on canvas)

22 Rick Garcia.jpg


His career is punctuated by high-profile collaborations and accolades, including his selection as an “Absolut Artist of the 90s” and his role as the official artist for The Grammy Awards in multiple years. Garcia’s work for The Grammys, where he crafted portraits of music icons, and his engagement with thoroughbred racing as the official artist for the 2008 Kentucky Derby Festival, demonstrate his versatile talent and ability to capture the essence of diverse subjects.

Moreover, Garcia’s creative ventures into design, notably his collaboration with Rocky Aoki to envision a cutting-edge sushi restaurant in Miami Beach, and his acclaimed collection of custom-painted guitars, highlight his innovative approach to art and its application in various forms. These endeavors, including his significant contributions to cancer research through his artwork on guitars, exemplify Garcia’s commitment to merging creativity with cause.


05 Rick Garcia _Repose_ 60x68 2021 Acrylic.jpeg

Repose, by Rick Garcia (acrylic on canvas)

03 Rick Garcia _FIVE EASY STEPS_ 24x30x1.5_  AOC $4200.jpeg

Five Easy Steps, by Rick Garcia (acrylic on canvas)


Collecting Rick Garcia’s art means embracing a legacy of visual splendor, cultural relevance, and environmental consciousness. His works are not merely to be viewed but experienced, offering a window into the mind of an artist who sees beyond the canvas to the broader implications of his creations. For collectors, owning a piece by Garcia is an investment in a narrative that spans the realms of art, advocacy, and activism, a narrative that continues to evolve and inspire.

For those interested in exploring Rick Garcia’s profound contributions to art and society, a visit to his official website offers a deeper understanding of his journey, vision, and the indelible mark he has made on the world of contemporary art.


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