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Artist Jason Martin merges painting and sculpture, crafting immersive artworks that explore materiality, movement, and depth.


Brasileiro 2007 Oil on aluminium 290x250x16cm JMS07001 Ph.jpg

Brasileiro 2007, Oil on aluminium, 290x250x16cm


Jason Martin’s artistic journey is a compelling testament to the transformative power of material and color, pushing the boundaries between painting and sculpture into new and uncharted territories. His latest exhibition, “REDUX,” curated by Annalisa Lombardo at Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki, serves as a vivid exploration of his evolving artistry, showcasing a meticulous balance of form, color, and texture that defines his unique visual language. Born in 1970 and educated at the Chelsea School of Art and Goldsmith College in London, Martin has carved out a niche that defies the conventional constraints of canvas, inviting viewers into a space where art becomes an immersive experience.

Central to Martin’s work is a profound inquiry into the essence of painting, exploring the medium’s potential through a self-reflective lens. His renowned monochromatic, three-dimensional pigment pieces exemplify this exploration, transcending the two-dimensional plane to engage directly with the viewer’s space. These sculptural paintings, together with his dynamic oil paintings marked by intense, sweeping brushstrokes, create a compelling illusion of depth and movement, drawing us into a realm where the line between observer and observed blurs.

The “REDUX” exhibition is a narrative journey, juxtaposing older works with new to highlight Martin’s relentless pursuit of innovation. It is an affirmation of his ability to harmonize color, form, and structure, with a palette that combines saturated pure pigments and nuanced shades to sculpt forms that possess both optical and physical presence. This intricate dance of elements culminates in an experience that is both visual and tactile, challenging our perceptions and inviting us to explore the interplay of light, texture, and space.

Martin’s influence extends far beyond the confines of any single gallery or exhibition space. His work has been celebrated internationally, from the Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst and the Schauwerk Sindelfingen Museum in Germany to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Malaga. With a highly anticipated solo exhibition at the He Art Museum (HEM) in Guangdong, China, set for the fall of 2024, Martin continues to captivate global audiences, solidifying his position within the art world. His artworks are cherished components of both private and public collections worldwide, including those of the Denver Art Museum, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the Hirshhorn Museum.

Living and working between London and Lisbon, Jason Martin’s contributions to contemporary art are a celebration of the creative process itself. Through his hands, paint and pigment transcend their material form, becoming conduits for a deeper exploration of beauty and existence. His work stands as a powerful reminder of art’s capacity to innovate and inspire, challenging us to see beyond the surface and engage with the world in new and profound ways.

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