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Innovations at the Forefront of Aircraft Art
& Celebrating EBACE 2023


ebace 2023

The presence of artworks inside aircrafts is undoubtedly impactful. Although there are available artistic products in the market, clients often have grander aspirations and specific preferences for their unique aesthetic vision. Whether it involves murals or sculptures, our team possesses expert solutions by offering professional services that transform these ambitions into tangible realities. Moreover, we aim to alleviate any concerns or uncertainties to the associated risks and concerns on behalf of our clients.

Key Criteria:

Curating Artwork for Aircraft
Curating artwork for an aircraft is a complex task that demands expertise and specific qualifications. To find the balance, one must acknowledge the limitations but create something to engage and captivate for the client experience.

1. Flammability:
Avoid high risk materials - understand the benefits of natural resources like silk, wools and precious metals.

2. Toxicity:
Many paints emit toxic fumes - focus on natural pigments, watercolours and specialist acrylics.

3. Weight:
Lightweight solutions are essential - utilise substrates like carbon fibre honeycomb and certified polycarbonate materials.

4. Structural Integrity:
Artworks need to be fully secured - integrate materials with stronger thresholds like bronze, steel and aluminium.

5. Flexible in Certification:
Non-integrated, or 'loose' items offer flexibility and do not need certification - these removable artworks allow more artistic freedom.

ebace 2023.jpg

Case Study:
Bombardier Global 5000
with Winch Design

Artelier collaborated with Winch Design and Aerovisto on a vibrant refurbishment for the owner's Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft. The focal point was a striking feature wall artwork spanning the bulkhead adding character to the Owner's Lounge.

Artelier commissioned a London-based artist to paint the original artwork directly onto the aircraft bulkhead, bringing the owner's vision to life. Collaborating closely with the artist, Artelier reimagined his technique and style using air-certified materials, ensuring artistic excellence and aviation compliance.

ebace 2023.jpg
Art & Aircraft_Arts_PALH_ND23.jpg

The artist's abstract work balances vibrant colours and contrasts, revealing an expressive and spontaneous style that showcases the intricacies of paint manipulation.

Eighty Seven Park in Miami

ebace 2023.jpg


Jetset Lifestyle: Air, Sea & Land

Often, our clients possess multiple homes, private jets, and luxury yachts.

These individuals frequently utilise their jets to travel between various properties and maritime locations. Our experience lies in understanding the unique requirements of their projects across air, sea and land, and how to embrace these challenges, whilst curating a cohesive collection.

View below our work with a client's renowned holiday home in Miami, and their yacht situated in the Mediterranean.


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