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Fay Wood’s artistic journey, marked by resilience and innovation, showcases her unique assemblage sculptures, commitment to sustainability, and evolving creative vision as she embarks on a new chapter.


“Sheep in the Meadow”.
Reverse oil painting on vintage glass image. 8.25” x 9.87”


Fay Wood’s artistic journey is a testament to perseverance and resilience. Reflecting on a pivotal moment in her career, she recounts the early 1960s when she faced rejection from galleries solely because she was a woman. Undeterred, Fay dedicated herself to refining her craft, leading to the establishment of a women’s art co-op gallery that thrived for over 40 years. This experience not only shaped her philosophy of creating the best work possible but also underscored the importance of persistence in the face of adversity.

Fay Wood’s assemblage sculptures are often described as evocative and thought-provoking. However, she reveals that her creative process is driven more by the technical aspects of the objects she chooses rather than a specific message. Her work, like the sculpture “Waiting,” often explores themes related to women’s lives, demonstrating how the interplay of various materials can evoke deep emotional responses.


_MUSE _.jpg

Found object assemblage.
12” diameter, 52” tall


Fay Wood’s work is deeply personal and largely solitary, she imagines collaborating with alter egos—three other women artists with distinct personalities. This imaginative exercise allows her to explore different mediums and maintain a unique vision. For instance, “Sydney” is her alter ego for painting oils, while “Nell” brings a sense of feminine politics and humor to her work, and “Myra” offers a different perspective through small abstract oil paintings.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Fay Wood’s artistic practice. She is passionate about using recycled materials in her collages and found object sculptures, repurposing items such as metals, glass, and wood parts. This commitment to sustainability not only helps reduce waste but also adds a layer of meaning and history to her work.

__Woman on a Pedestal_.jpg

“Woman on a Pedestal”
Very early sculpture c.1968

“In the Studio, Again”
Oill on canvas. 36” x 36”

_In The Studio Again_. Fay Wood.jpg


Fay Wood’s ability to keep her work fresh and relevant is rooted in her use of found materials. The challenge of finding unique objects and envisioning how they can be integrated into cohesive pieces drives her creativity. Her studio is filled with sketches and small drawings that help her visualize the final piece, allowing for spontaneity and innovation throughout the process.

Having exhibited her work globally, Fay Wood believes that cultural contexts significantly influence how her art is received. While she acknowledges a mixed attitude toward art and artists in America, she notes an improvement in appreciation and education in the arts. She is particularly proud of the progress women have made, now creating some of the finest art showcased in galleries.

_Tapestries of My Mind - Joseph's Coat _ .jpg

“Tapestries of My Mind - Joseph’s Coat”
Oil on linen canvas. 34.5” x 39”

_Pursuit of Happiness_2.jpg

“Pursuit of happiness”.
Found objects, metal, wood, paper, beeswax.
40” x30” x48”

Goddess of light work -f.wood.jpg

“The Goddess of Light Work”
Found objects, collage, wire,paint. 47” x 23” x62”

_WAITING _.jpg

Found objects, carved cherry wood. 21’ x 18” x 21”


Found wood, carved walnut, weathered cherry wood, found metal.
35.5” x 19” x 12”


One of Fay Wood’s proudest moments was organizing an art show at her Clove Church Studio. The exhibition featured over 80 pieces of sculpture and paintings from various artists, including her own work. The highlight was a visit from internationally renowned sculptor Manuel Bromberg, who praised her work, saying, “you even paint like a sculptor,” a compliment she cherishes.

As Fay Wood embarks on a new chapter in her life, moving her home and studio to Greensboro, North Carolina, she is filled with anticipation and excitement. She looks forward to opening a new studio and continuing her artistic journey. Before her move, she will participate in the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour in August. Despite the bittersweet nature of this transition, Fay remains enthusiastic about the future and the new creations it will bring.

For more about Fay Wood and her upcoming projects, visit

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