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Beau Lake collaborates with
four renowned artists for
limited-edition surfboard series.

beau Lake

From Left to Right:

Christi Belcourt “The Celebration,

” Joe Fleming “Blue Scooter,”

Graham Gillmore “Gem Spa,”

and Douglas Coupland “Pacific.”

Beau Lake collaborated with Artists for Water, a Swim Drink Fish fundraiser, to produce a limited-edition surfboard collection featuring the work of renowned artists Christi Belcourt, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore, and Joe Fleming - to be purchased in support of clean water.

The boards will be offered in conjunction with the 2023 Artists for Water fundraiser in Toronto. Each board will be produced as an edition of five per artist. Proceeds from sales of these surfboards will go towards Swim Drink Fish community-based water monitoring hubs, where recreational water quality samples are collected by community scientists and shared on Swim Guide, a free water quality information app providing information to the public that they need to best access clean water.

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