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The 22nd edition of the renowned art fair dedicated to the new French art scene and The Iberian Peninsula will take over Grand Palais April 2-5, 2020.


Hassan Hajjaj

Hassan Hajjaj Afrikan Boy Sittin’, 2013, photography, 136 x 94 x 6 cm Courtesy 193 Gallery

As Paris awakens from its winter haze, cherry blossoms emerge, hues of green take over gardens, and collectors and artists will once again converge at the iconic Grand Palais for one of the season’s renowned fairs - Art Paris. Welcoming 150 galleries from over 20 countries, Art Paris 2020 brings together fine art and creative works from post-war to the contemporary periods with a particular emphasis on the French Art scene and emerging art hubs. The vibrant combination of the eclectic and international flavor of this year’s exhibitors is destined to provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for art collectors of all levels, from novice to veteran.

The Stamp

Abdulnasser Gharem The Stamp - Al Moujaz, 2013, sculpture, 95 x 95 cm Courtesy Galerie Brigitte

Since its founding twenty years ago, Art Paris has a remarkable lineup of world famous galleries and artists, and this year’s programming continues its legacy. In front of the Grand Palais, a monumental site-specific installation by Portuguese artist Marisa Ferreira, Lost Future (2020), greets you. Inside guest curator, art critic, and Director of La Bourse Révélations Emerige, Gaël Charbau, will delve deep into the work of 21 French artists, a majority of whom where born in the 80s, in Common and Uncommon Stories. Visitors will be able to explore Spanish and Portuguese art from the 1950s to the present day through a vast selection of works from modern masters to contemporary artists in exhibitions spread across various sectors. One can gain insight into significant moments in artists’ careers in Solo Show - a showcase of twenty monographic exhibitions. Discover new galleries and emerging artists, many exhibiting at Art Paris for the first time, in Promises.

Valencia, Venezuela

Léa Belooussovitch Valencia, Venezuela, 28 mars 2018, 2019, drawing, textile, 50 x 60 cm Courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing

The opportunity to immerse yourself into the world of so many talented artists from all corners of the world in one place, makes it almost unthinkable to be in Paris April 2nd - 5th without visiting Art Paris 2020.

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