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Anne Imhof ’s newest work scheduled to debut at the renowned BMW Tate Live Exhibition March 22 through March 31, 2019 is sure to be epic.


Award-winning German artist Anne Imhof (b.1798) is emerging as one of the most innovative contemporary artists of her time. Imhof ’s performances are complex visual presentations that extend for long periods of time. Her solo exhibitions have been seen in major international venues from Berlin to New York. Perhaps, Imhof is best known for her performance where she represented Germany the 2017 Venice Biennale titled Faust where glass partitions and floors where inhabited by choreographed performers.

This spring, Imhof will continue to explore contemporary anxieties of isolation, technology, and identity in her new work at Tate Modern where she will be the first artist to occupy the full suite of Tate Modern’s Tanks with a single project. Using structural interventions, sound, and lighting, she will transform the Tanks into a series of atmospheric spaces inhabited by groups of collaborators. Visitors can walk through and explore the installation freely during the day. Performances will take place six evenings throughout the exhibition.

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Anne Imhof
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