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Young hungry, and ready to grow, Artontique has set its sights for revamping the contemporary art market geared towards the affluent collector.



Until recently, the process of buying art stayed relatively the same and was stuck in the antiquated past even as sales dramatically increase. The recent Art Basel Report indicates, “The global art market in 2018 reached $67.4 billion, up 6% year-on-year. The online art market reached an estimated new high of $6 billion in 2018, up 11% year-on-year. This represents 9% of the value of global sales.

Realizing the changing dynamics of the international landscape, Artonique debuts its online boutique art gallery specifically geared toward the affluent collector. Featuring vetted artists and original contemporary pieces valued at $10,000 and up Artonique is slated to become the first serious digital contender in what has been traditionally a closed market for new vendors. With plans to disrupt the industry, Artonique is currently building the foundations for using Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. “The advent of the internet, and technology as a whole, has changed every industry imaginable, in some form or the other. My idea is to bring the revolutionary movement to the high-end Art world,” describes CEO of Artonique, Kunal Vatsya.

Artonique stems from conjoining the words Unique Art Boutique. True to their Vision, the gallery caters to high spending, time-starved HNWIs and UHNWIs, who value transparency and free-flowing access to information. These are individuals who prefer speed in transactions, rather than the social hierarchies and exclusivity that many art fairs or exhibitions involve.

An artist in his own right, Kunal’s idea is to create a powerfully compelling platform that connects with the audience and communicates stories from renowned artists on a much larger digital canvas. Thus, the connection between Art and Commerce has come together. It will feature the best of global contemporary art, available for purchase in a fair, transparent, and seamless way. Private Air sat down with Kunal to hone in on the evolution that connects art to a new definition of the high-end art marketplace.


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico’s Surge #3

How have your experiences as an artist and a son of an artist shaped your approach to running an online gallery?

As the son of an artist, I fully understand the trepidations, joys and undulating emotions that come with the creative process. Art is as much about the journey as it is the final product. I aspired to create a gallery that would give artists the respect that they deserve. They are given the freedom to create and focus on art, without worrying about the sales process, the uploading of works, or the management of their portfolios and profiles. With no exclusivity contracts in place, we show that we stand behind our word of supporting art for the sake of good art. Furthermore, artists are creators, not necessarily salespeople. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy the sales process. And when it comes to collecting, the joy is even greater. Discerning collectors seek works that move them, it’s about how the works connect with them on an emotional level. It goes from being just a “want” to an impulsive “must have”. By featuring a constantly growing variety of vetted works to choose from, our goal is to make it unbelievably convenient for the collector to find their “must have”.

Vetting artwork is critical. Can you describe your process and steps that you take to ensure authenticity?

Vetting works is an important aspect as a gallery. When signing on artists, we require them to provide information on their experience, awards, exhibitions etc. We then diligently look for their previously listed works, sold works, and verify their claims using third party resources. Each artist has to go through this process before we enlist them. This is another reason why we don’t allow artists to upload their own profiles or their work. We carefully examine each work submitted to look for their styles, size, treatment, and consistency in pricing.


Shelton Walsmith’s Ill Corralo No.4

You have a passion for art. What genres are you most partial to?

My passion for art stems from the creation of works, be it sculpture or painting, it is the journey that stimulates my senses. I can relate to the mood, spirit and feeling in a work of art when a brush strokes the canvas or a chisel strikes the stone. The genres I particularly enjoy viewing are in a way quite polar: impressionism, semi-realism and realism works, while having an equal admiration for abstract expressionism and pure abstraction.

Le Dernier Mot

We’re young, hungry, and ready to grow. I am enthusiastic about all the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to register more artists, interact with a global roster of collectors, and create strategic alliances with other stakeholders, designers, and the like. I encourage the readers of your magazine to join the Collector’s Club on Artonique.

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