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Summer is the perfect season to give
your backyard a refreshing update
and transform it into a tranquil oasis.


Artistic Tile.jpeg

Photo Credit: Artistic Tile

Summer is the perfect season to give
your backyard a refreshing update
and transform it into a tranquil oasis.
Take advantage of the warm weather
and longer days to create an outdoor
space that o¬ers a peaceful retreat
from the daily hustle and bustle.
By incorporating elements like
comfortable seating, vibrant plants,
and soothing water features, you can
create a serene environment that
invites relaxation and enjoyment.
Embrace the beauty of summer
and revitalize your backyard into a
personal oasis.

Are you ready to be inspired? By
incorporating the perfect design
elements and paying attention
to even the smallest details,
you have the power to craft a
backyard sanctuary that is ideal
for entertaining, unwinding, and
immersing yourself in the splendor
of nature. Get ready to unleash your
creativity and transform your outdoor
space into a breathtaking oasis that
will leave everyone in awe.


Outdoor bars offer an ideal space for entertaining in your backyard. Transforming the look of this
bar, Artistic Tile’s Verde Aurora Quartzite Slab was carefully chosen. The addition of this exquisite
material not only enhances the bar’s aesthetic but also improves its functionality. The use of Artistic Tile’s Verde Aurora Quartzite Slab elevates the bar, making it a visually stunning and stylish centerpiece for outdoor gatherings.

Purple Cherry Architects.jpg


Created by Purple Cherry Architects, this remarkable backyard oasis showcases a 60-foot-long covered porch, adorned with brick-lined accents, that stretches alongside the water’s edge, providing a breathtaking view of the pool, a delightful pool house, picturesque landscaping, and captivating vistas of the water. The expansive porch offers generous spaces for dining and relaxation, while the adjacent pool house boasts a spacious covered area complete with a bar, lounging and dining areas, grilling and pizza-making stations, a dedicated ping pong deck, a changing room, laundry facilities, and convenient restrooms.

Photo Credit: Durston Saylor

McKinnon & Harris 2.jpg

McKinnon & Harris' deCamp Sectional Ensemble is a remarkable choice, featuring striking canted arms, gravity-defying proportions, and gracefully tapered legs that seemingly defy the laws of physics. Designed to accommodate both intimate and expansive sectional configurations, this ensemble showcases the highest level of craftsmanship and meticulous hand finishing from McKinnon & Harris' workshop.

Photo Credit: McKinnon & Harris and Kip Dawkins Photography

McKinnon & Harris 1.jpg


McKinnon & Harris' Couper Club Chair is affectionately known as the ultimate drinks chair, featuring wide and flat arms that provide a perfect resting spot for holding a beverage. Inspired by the elegance of Scandinavian mid-century modernism, this chair showcases a sturdy aluminum construction, capturing the essence of clean and minimalist design.

Engineered and constructed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions year-round, this ensemble is built with utmost precision and attention to detail. To further enhance its durability and style, McKinnon & Harris also offers Italian Yachting Performance Fabrics, which can be conveniently ordered online by the yard.

Regan Baker.jpeg


Get ready for a party vibe on this rooftop deck, boasting stunning panoramic views of the vibrant San Francisco Bay! But that’s not all – brace yourself for some epic fun with an oversized chess set stealing the spotlight. Regan Baker Design took the playful factor up a notch by pairing it with two eye-catching, modern chairs in a lively shade of bright red. These sculptural masterpieces not only add a pop of color but also exude a playful charm, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a larger-than-life game board filled with excitement and joy.

Photo Credit: Suzanna Scott Photography

Kate Marker.jpg


Renowned for her distinctive and enduring style, Kate Marker has seamlessly blended her signature aesthetic with the individual lifestyles of her clients. In this remarkable project, she created an open-air porch that effortlessly merges natural elements, such as the wooden structure and bluestone flooring, with uninterrupted vistas of the pool and backyard, resulting in a sleek and minimalist entertainment area. A cozy seating arrangement invites engaging conversations in front of an inviting outdoor fireplace, while a conveniently placed dining table awaits swimmers and sunbathers as they ascend the adjacent steps for a quick snack or meal. The handsome furnishings selected not only provide comfort but also boast exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of this inviting space.

Photo Credit: Sto¬er Photography Interiors

Bradley Odom.jpg


Bradley Odom’s transformative touch extended to the pool house, an integral part of the expansive family compound that required a contemporary update while preserving its original charm. The goal was to create a refined and comfortable space that could withstand the frequent
use by multiple generations. Incorporating a harmonious blend of cherished family heirlooms, contemporary upholstery, and custom-made furniture, the pool house now offers inviting areas for both intimate gatherings and larger get-togethers. The fabric selections took inspiration from
the natural surroundings, including the picturesque property and the serene presence of the nearby lake, infusing the pool house with a touch of tranquil beauty.

Photo Credit: Sarah Dorio

Caitlin Kah.jpg


With an artistic flair, Palm Beach’s talented interior designer, Caitlin Kah, approached this area as a seamless extension of the indoors, incorporating the captivating beauty of cypress ceiling materials but arranged in a distinctive pattern. The stone floor gracefully carries the continuity of the interior flooring, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. A remarkable art piece takes center stage, custom-designed by the clients’ landscape architect, appearing to effortlessly float upon the wall. The visual impact of this creation is simply breathtaking, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

Photo Credit: Carmel Brantley

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