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Swedish acoustic design brand Abstracta newest lamp, Moon, designed by Thomas Bernstrand, combines his long experience in lighting design with his interest in acoustics.

Abstracta Moon


“I’ve given a lot of thought to outer space and the Moon and to the kind of vacuum that exists there. A place with light, yet utterly silent, By combining two classic lamp shapes – a globe and a cone hidden within the globe – I was able to create a spherical lamp that offers directed light”, says designer Thomas Bernstrand.

Moon was born after two years of close collaboration between Thomas Bernstrand and Abstracta’s product developers. The result is an innovative product where the shape creates high-quality light and maximizes the acoustic capacity. The housing consists of two acoustic felt blankets with different properties, and thanks to the construction, the air inside the lamp is also used as a sound-absorbing material. In this way, the acoustic effect is very high while the material consumption is low, and thus Moon is lightweight.

Two often decisive factors for the atmosphere in a room are the soundscape and the lighting. In Moon, high-performance lighting and efficient acoustics are combined – the lamp is an eye-catching design object and a product that contributes to better acoustics in environments characterized by conversations and varying degrees of noise. The lamp’s shape and generous scale effectively absorb both high- and low-frequency ambient noise. The LED lighting driver is hidden inside the globe, while the luminaire is recessed into the lamp to provide a directed, glare-free light.

Moon is easy to install and can be arranged in many different ways: in clusters, rows, or solitary. The acoustic properties vary depending on where and how it is placed in the room. If placed in a corner, it absorbs the low-frequency bass sounds of conversations. If put more centrally, it takes care of the high-frequency sounds.

Price: from EUR 1764 excl. VAT.

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