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No. 9 Rhapsody, Canton City, China, when science fiction meets contemporary functionality - the office space that facilitates modern-day creatives.


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Redefining the theme of the office, the architectural and interior design practice, 9 Studio Design Group designed their studio like the setting for a science fiction movie. The modern monochromatic space is engulfed with diverse, gleaming silhouettes of contoured spirals. Silky black paneling offers spatial awareness, carefully separating each section whilst maintaining fluidity. Piquing the inspiration of all workers, the balanced curvaceous units convey the balance and movement of the working human mind.



Not only is this space synonymous with the wonder of SciFi movies, but it offers a disconnection from reality, allowing every visitor to tap into new depths of their mind. Lighting floods in through the main transparent door, a welcome token for all guests. Perfectly arranged by the highly talented Tung Tsan Lee, the design perspective offers a nod to order and symmetry, creating a magnificent equilibrium between light and dark. The peppering of muted reds and greys provides an element of color, in addition to spicy golds, which gently tones down the strong black iron. Biofiber plastic composites and bamboo have been used throughout and share sustainable composition. Layer beyond layer is visible as you delve into the crevasses. The playfully staggered seating design, winding staircases, and tables bring a unique feel.



The first-floor lounge is a comfortable and inspiring area that utilizes a large LED screen, cabinets, a functional printing room, and a library. This large creative space does not bow to higher levels of position; at No. 9, the creative space is curated specifically for the creative freedom of all staff. The second-floor space is incredibly versatile; a moveable layout offers diversity. Geometric shapes denote a distortion specifically designed to promote creative aspects of working life. Wood and steel marry effortlessly, adding more layers of dynamism. The office is augmented by natural greenery, a pond, and a convenient kitchen. This space is ideal for the modern-day creative thinker.

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