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With a clientele list ranging from Sean Combs to American Express, you know you are getting the cream of the crop that delivers the ultimate gaming experience.
Text: Jessica Hall
11 Ravens

If you devoted to playing tabletop games, you know the value of a good table.  Founded in 2011, by a professional table tennis player, Los Angeles based, 11 Ravens makes some of the most luxurious game tables in the world.

The limited edition, custom-made luxury gaming tables are fully customizable and handcrafted by skilled artisans.   Their playing surfaces blend high-quality composite materials designed to be waterproof and damage resistant.

Consider putting your skills to the test with the Paul Smith inspired,  Theseus tennis or billiard table,  a harmonious creation that delivers a graceful, beautifully balanced design.  The tennis table is priced at $14,500, and the billiards table is $17,000 (shown above). Clients can also purchase the billiards table, and add a table tennis conversion top for an additional $3,500.

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