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The Stealth R-11 pool table by 11 Ravens has been re-imagined as a luxurious collectible design object exclusively for Rolls-Royce owners.

Stealth-RR-lifestyle-03a (2).jpg


Rolls-Royce owners are amongst the world’s most discerning consumers. In recognition of this, luxury gaming table brand 11 Ravens recently re-imagined their best-selling pool table exclusively for Rolls-Royce owners. The new Stealth R-11, which takes its design cues from the Stealth Bomber aircraft, is a celebration of luxury materials and cutting edge design. Each table is crafted from a premium-grade aluminum frame adorned with black-tinted lucite panels and lustrous 14-carat gold sheets. The rails are surrounded by Swarovski crystals and LED lights, defining and illuminating the striking, geometric form. Unsurprisingly, the premium pool tables were produced as a limited edition, with just five available exclusively through WHISPERS, a private social network and shopping experience for Rolls-Royce owners.


Priced at $250,000

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