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Ünique Ski


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Length, preload, stiffness, vibration behavior – all of these variables can be tweaked to influence the handling of a ski significantly. However, these factors normally are difficult to determine, and the customer doesn’t have much of a choice but to purchase a package predefined by the manufacturer. In stark contrast, with the customized skis by Ünique Skis, all components are individually adjusted to strength, skiing style, and skill of the skier. Furthermore, the customer can design the look of their ski by choosing from more than 200 wood veneers. The grain of the natural material guarantees that each Ünique Ski is also visually different from any other and thus is really unique.

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For those who are not exactly sure what is best for them, an offer is extended to spend half of a day of skiing with a company expert on the slopes so their skiing style can be measured by sensors in great detail. This data will then serve as a basis for the construction of a pair of skis that are absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Ski to Measure starts at 2,900 €

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