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The Three Sixty Bed


For over a century, handcrafted bespoke beds from Savior Beds has been synonymous with an unbelievably great night sleep. Continuing the tradition of elevating the sleep experience is their newest creation, THE THREE SIXTY. Combining aesthetics, technology, and ultraluxurious materials, this bed offers much more than a place to rest, it is visually stunning. It is as if you dropped a blue-chip work of art in the middle of your boudoir.

The entire crafting process is over 300 hours per bed and the level of artistry and comfort that THE THREE SIXTY offers is incomparable. Featuring inconspicuously placed turntable technology, the bed rotates 360 degrees, allows sleepers to select their view from the comfort of their bed via an app of course. The smooth flawless veneer flows into the buttery leather, with the soothing velvet marrying the two textures. Included are perfectly positioned reading lights, power, and USB outlets. The bed topper is made with the rare natural fibers of an indigenous species of Yak from the Khangai region of Mongolia. With only 100 grams of fiber available from each yak per year, the HKy topper defines exclusive luxury.

Price £ 250,000​

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