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Creativity Takes Flight:

Private Jet Interiors


  Oasis by Air Jet Designs


By: Mandy Hegarty                                                                                            Excerpt from Article

      for World-Words                                                                                          Published: September 1, 2013


Freedom and flexibility may be the biggest advantages of private air travel, but for private jet owners, a bespoke cabin is the ultimate personal statement. Aircraft interiors, once drab and uniform, now rival the finest mansions and mega-yachts in style and function


Designers specializing in this growing market are finding new and innovative ways to merge sophistication and comfort with functionality and safety, so that high-fliers can enjoy a beautiful environment 40,000 feet in the air. We’ve scoured the skies to find some inspiring jet interiors to prove that the sky is the limit when it comes to mile-high style.

Oasis – AirJet Designs

The most spectacular private cabins are not just luxe and elegant; they’re also outfitted with a personal touch. This in-the-works project from Toulouse-based VIP studio AirJet Designs cleverly reflects the lifestyle and personality of the Middle-Eastern client. In terms of layout, the aircraft incorporates a Majlis with a dining area for eight, two bedrooms with private bathrooms, a medical room and guest and staff seating – but it’s the exquisite customized details throughout that make the ‘Oasis’ so striking.

Timeless & Visionary by Jet Aviation Basel

Wide-body aircrafts are some of the most sought-after models for private jet owners, as the spacious interiors can be configured to meet most needs. At Jet Aviation Basel Design Studio in Switzerland, manager Elisabeth Harvey worked with her team to develop two stunning and distinctive wide-body cabin concepts, offering customers inspiring and contrasting approaches to aviation design.

BBJ 2 by Edése Doret

For international jet-setters constantly on the go, beauty and comfort are the order of the day as they seek a home from home in the sky. There’s no chance of cabin fever in this beautiful Boeing BBJ2, where New York-based designer Edése Doret (of Edése Doret Industrial Designs) styled a space that is the perfect marriage between homey and high-end.

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