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Collecting art is more than acquiring objects for investment. It is creating and displaying a part of a family’s history that becomes the fabric of daily life in a home.


marcus Mohon


A conversation with designer Marcus Mohon is as refreshing as a spring breeze and as informative as a room full of artisans. Having worked with Twyla, the Austin, Texas-based company that offers curated artwork by artists from around the world, Mohon explained that: “Twyla not only provides phenomenal art pieces that fill spaces where remarkable and striking works are needed, but they also provide curated work, consulting, and collaboration as well.”


Often artists whose work can be found at the Whitney, the Guggenheim, and MoMA are available, but instead of original artwork, the company sells limited edition archival prints that are individually numbered and signed (ideal art for second homes or families with younger children). “They fill the gap between posters and Picassos,” said Twyla’s co-founder and CEO, Matt Randall.

marcus Mohon


Offering free art advice is merely a small part of the work Twyla has done for the interiors of the Mohon project depicted here. Beyond just providing high-quality art by artists such as Travis Boyer, Jordan Nasser, John Chang, Aldara Ortega, and Tim Biskup, Twyla delivers art to designers like Marcus Mohon Interiors that makes the experience of a room richer.


“Incorporating ethereal, interesting, and many times stunning works of art throughout this home, made the work easy and allowed the client to selectively work with me,” explained Marcus.

marcus Mohon


The designer along with Twyla, collaborate and perform due diligence to closely work with their clients. The quick service and extraordinary range of sizes of artwork make an often-long process fast and easy. Twyla also simplifies the entire operation by completing the framing and protecting the sometimes-large canvasses by making them “wall-ready” and delivered.


“My goal is to create spaces that reflect a clients’ personality, not mine. Luxury now is not living in homes designed only to impress, but living in the home you want. When a client tells me they use every room, I know I’ve done my job. A common mistake made is attempting to match art with the interiors. Art instead, should not match but, should transport us and leave our hearts singing,” summed up Marcus and his work with Twyla, a most engaging provider of original artwork.

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