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In a legendary decanter made of fine mouth-blown crystal, this signature cognac from the cellar of Andre Heriard Dubreuil, is a tribute to his birth 100 years ago.

Text: Jessica Hall

For the first time ever, LOUIS XIII’s 35 cl (11.8 oz.) one-of-a-kind Baccarat decanter becomes part of its Black Pearl Collection. The limited edition release of their world-famous LOUIS XIII Black Pearl in a new size: LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD will be available for a select few. It is the first time that a decanter - part of the Black Pearl Collection - will be available for purchase since 2014. Inspired by a royal flask found on a battlefield of Jarnac - fought in 1569 - only 1,498 of the palladium plated, pearl inlayed, refined containers have been produced. Catching the light across the surface, the precious liquid, drawn from deep inside the cellars, settles into the decanter and becomes a work of art. Truly a prize for the finest cellars.


Obtainable as June 2019, the LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD, will retail for $13,000 exclusively through LOUIS XIII Conciergerie:

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