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Investing in Croatia's Coastline

By: Amber Gibson

Nov/Dec 2013

The Mediterranean country is already a growing tourist hub, with visitors flowing in – not only from Europe but around the world – to see its spectacular array of well-preserved Renaissance towns, five UNESCO World Heritage sites and the Istrian and Dalmatian coasts. Tourism is a well-developed industry in the country, and so investment in luxury real estate is a natural extension.


The low cost of living and tax advantages make Croatia an appealing option for a second home. It is an option gladly provided by Pelagius Suisse, a Swiss company based in Geneva that sells and develops Croatian and other international luxury real estate. Pelagius has teams in Switzerland and Croatia to help clients find, acquire and manage their dream property, and two current real estate projects in Croatia – projects Katarina and Vodnjan, close to the western peninsula town of Pula – are among the most exciting foreign property investment opportunities in the country.


Diana Oblak, owner and director at Pelagius, reveals foreign investors are rapidly purchasing properties across Croatia, “This country will become a true jewel in the Mediterranean,” she says. “Croatia is considered to be the most beautiful coastline in Europe, with more than a thousand islands. From the investor standpoint, Croatia has room to grow with development opportunities in any sphere. The low costs of establishing a firm or investing into a development project relative to other EU countries poses an additional advantage.”


Projects Katarina and Vodnjan are unique from other real estate opportunities because they are so large, at more than 400 hectares in total. “They serve as ideal gateways to the Adriatic yet have their own individual character that appeals to specific tastes.” Oblak says. “The Croatian ambitious attitude, warm hospitality and national pride encourage such development to occur in their homeland.”


Excerpt from the original article published in Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Private Air Luxury Homes.







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