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At the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, an unprecedented collaboration unfolds, marrying the legendary craftsmanship of Fabergé with the timeless intrigue of Octopussy, a cinematic tale renowned for its elaborate heist and enigmatic allure. This iconic partnership has birthed the Fabergé x 007 Limited Edition Octopussy Egg Objet, a marvel limited to just 50 numbered pieces. Each stands at 8.4cm tall, crafted from 18k yellow gold and adorned with rich green enamel, mirroring the hue of the original egg featured in the film. Beneath this lustrous enamel lies a mesmerizing pattern of Fabergé’s signature guilloché intertwined with intricate octopus tentacles that wrap around the egg, providing depth and intrigue. This complex technique showcases unparalleled craftsmanship, requiring an entire week to perfect.

At the heart of the egg, a gold 007 logo ushers you into a realm of wonder, revealing the signature Fabergé surprise—an 18k yellow gold octopus, adorned with white diamond suckers and black diamond eyes. This captivating creation pays homage to the film's antagonist and echoes Peter Carl Fabergé's whimsical animal studies. By blending precious metals and gems, this miniature work of art ushers in a new chapter of Fabergé's illustrious legacy.

Inspired by the iconic espionage tale Octopussy, this capsule collection celebrates the storied partnership between Fabergé and the world of 007, offering aficionados a unique opportunity to own a piece of intertwined art and film history. Available through select venues worldwide, each piece is a testament to a symphony of design that honors its cinematic inspiration, positioning it as a coveted collectible for those at the zenith of luxury collecting.

Price upon application

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