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Ultra-Premium luxury homes require a special
type of home builder. Mont-Tremblant’s ‘Go To’
outfit, Groupe Venise, relishes the opportunity
to raise the bar with every project.




Michael Legault, President of Groupe Venise Inc., is constantly inspired by his Clients’ vision to create unique properties that have a true sense of place in their surroundings.

“Our clients bring a remarkable appreciation for Mont-Tremblant’s natural beauty to the design and build process. Our role, first and foremost, is to ensure that each luxury home will stand the test of time as a legacy to exceptional design and construction.”

With 30 years of construction experience Groupe Venise has developed a well-earned reputation for delivering prestigious luxury homes and estates for High Net Worth Clients in the Laurentian Mountains and surrounding region. A world away from Mont-Tremblant’s open spaces is the ever-evolving urban landscape of cosmopolitan Montreal – another location with a strong Groupe Venise footprint – which presents a very different set of design and build challenges that Legault relishes.

“Whilst each project may present a unique set of challenges, one constant is our clients’ mandate for us to think out of the box to make what is initially perceived to be impossible, possible.”



Legault’s commitment to the highest level of construction quality has firmly placed him amongst the leading luxury home builders in the country. A proven track record of collaborating with an international network of architects, designers and suppliers underpins his approach of ensuring every Groupe Venise luxury home enhances its surroundings.

Nestled within 52 secluded acres, and situated at the end of a 700m private drive that winds through pristine Canadian forest, resides one of Groupe Venise’s most recent accomplishments.
Boasting a commanding location on the shores of Lac Tremblant, and inspired by the grandest manor houses in England and the finest chateaux in France, this 18,800 sq ft home represents the centrepiece of an extraordinary country estate that has raised the bar in terms of Canadian luxury real estate.

The Clients’ unwavering commitment to creating a world-class private estate was matched by Groupe Venise’s meticulous attention to detail across all elements of the design and build process. That process, says Legault, required close collaboration with like-minded design & build partners from around the world, all of whom were equally committed to achieving the standards required to successfully deliver this spectacular home.

By its very nature, the sheer scope of the project necessitated blending residential and commercial approaches to planning, logistics and construction. Groupe Venise, which possesses a thriving Commercial Division, was able to leverage in-house capability where necessary, expertise rarely available in many luxury home builders.

Excavating the first bucket of dirt was undoubtedly an important milestone for Client and General Contractor alike, however Legault is particularly proud of the way Groupe Venise reached that point.  

As passionate advocates for the use of technology in the design and permitting processes, it is no surprise that detailed 3D renderings became a cornerstone of pre-construction communication “It was critical that all stakeholders understood what we were trying to accomplish and, on a project of this magnitude, there were many stakeholders; Clients, Architects, Municipality, Neighbours, Engineers, Suppliers, and more.  3D Renderings were an invaluable technique to facilitate understanding, provide clarity and facilitate effective decision-making.”

Legault cites one specific scenario as an example of the power of 3D renderings. “An important element of the permitting process is preparing a Visual Impact Study which, in essence, provides an insight into how the completed home will look, in situ, at different times of the year and under varying meteorological conditions.  Working with the project architects, we were able to build detailed hybrid 3D house renderings that included the provisional material selections, colour palettes, landscaping and other key variables.”


Whilst snowshoeing to the middle of the frozen lake in the dead of a Canadian winter to capture the Point of View photographs is not a fond memory, the accuracy between the 3D Renderings and finished home is particularly satisfying. In fact, the final positioning of, and material palette for, the house were greatly influenced by the hybrid renderings prepared for the Visual Impact Study.

Sean Hummell, Private Office Advisor and Real Estate Broker at Engel & Volkers Mont-Tremblant has collaborated with Groupe Venise on a number of client projects. Hummell, a long-time Mont-Tremblant resident, is buoyant about the luxury market. “The luxury market in Mont-Tremblant remains consistent. Clients from all over world continue to come for the natural beauty of the area, recreational opportunities, teleworking infrastructure and relative proximity to Montreal.”
Mont-Tremblant undeniably possesses an outstanding natural beauty that is, as Hummell explains, no more than a blank canvas.

“Every blank canvas requires an artist.  As an international resort destination we need the resources capable of building luxury homes for HNW clients.  Groupe Venise has excelled in delivering what I refer to as ‘Ambitious Luxury’; truly world-class homes comparable to anything you would expect to find in the finest neighbourhoods of world-renowned resorts such as Aspen, Vail and Whistler.”

Groupe Venise’s current marquee project - an 18,000 Sq Ft ultra-premium luxury Ski-In Ski-Out ‘Chalet’ located in Mont-Tremblant’s prestigious Forêt Blanche community – presents a unique set of design and build challenges.  Possessing a number of bespoke features (subterranean regulation basketball court anyone?) the stated objective for this custom steel and glass home is to establish a new benchmark for modern ski luxury in Canada.


How will Groupe Venise navigate the inevitable challenges inherent in a project of this complexity? With a commitment to process. The importance of ‘Process’ is an ever-present theme in any discussion with Groupe Venise, but one Legault believes is fundamental to its success as a luxury home builder.

“The process of building a $40M home is very different from building a $4M home.  It isn’t just about scale; it is more about complexity.  Your General Contractor should possess the proven expertise, robust processes and experience to confidently face and overcome complex challenges.”

One thing is certain. Mont-Tremblant’s natural beauty will continue to be well-served by Groupe Venise’s commitment to raising the bar.

For more information please contact:

Michael Legault
President / Partner
Groupe Venise Inc.
C +1 514 8212029

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