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Unveiling the Hidden Springs of Ibiza:
Where Colors Dance and Sand Whispers


Hidden Springs of Ibiza


There exists a type of Spring known as Ibiza, although it is not described in any book. It is characterized by dominant white and green colors and the presence of sand. ‘is Spring is imbued with as mall fountain that bathes the sunlight, embodying both beginnings and farewells and the intangible emotions we sense within ourselves.

If the project briefing were a season, it would resemble a softly lit winter in the 1970s, seeking to forge a new path. Guided by this concept, interior designer Susanna Cots took charge of the design, aiming to infuse the space with light. To achieve this, she incorporated large windows that
open up to nature, allowing it to infiltrate the 3,767-square-foot Mediterranean house and its three-quarter-acre garden.

And thus, Spring commences.

Hidden Springs of Ibiza
Hidden Springs of Ibiza
Hidden Springs of Ibiza


The tour commences from the entrance hall, where the first glimpse reveals a portion of the garden that overlooks the pool. Adjacent to the main building, the guest house is connected via a glass corridor. A harmonious blend of nature and intimacy characterizes Spring, as is customary in any season at the Susanna Cots studio. It results in a symmetrical interplay between the interior and exterior elements. This interplay is exemplified in the living room and kitchen, where the doors fully open, transforming the porch into a dining area and vice versa. Uniting both spaces is a centrally p aced chimney, symmetrically incorporated into both rooms.

Creating space for the essential without explicitly stating it is a hallmark of this design. ‘e dining room serves as the heart of the home and family activities. Framed by the designer’s subtle touch, it features a natural beam ceiling and is defined by one of two distinctive cupboards that  characterize the room. In the expansive kitchen, which occupies a significant portion of the elongated house, another cupboard is integrated, serving as a small office and breakfast area.

Susanna Cots skillfully translates thoughts into reality, seamlessly blending contemplation and
celebration. The symmetrical arrangement of spaces mirrors the fidelity between ideas and actions. Connected to the dining room, the living room provides a sense of security and refuge with its television and additional fireplace. Once again, the designer establishes an interior- exterior connection by employing fully opening doors that integrate the living room with the extroverted exterior space. This outdoor area features a Mediterranean-inspired white bench and a refreshing fountain.

Hidden Springs of Ibiza
Hidden Springs of Ibiza


Built-in Furniture:
Designed and Custom-made by
Susanna Cots

Sofa and Armchairs:

The Kitchen Table:
Antique dealer

Porch Table:
Antic Begur

Chaise Lounge:

Simon, Maisons du monde

The suite’s Rattan
Headboard and Bench:


Hidden Springs of Ibiza.jpg
Hidden Springs of Ibiza

The garden culminates in an enchanting Nordic-inspired greenhouse, serving as a gathering place for family and friends. This magical space combines the warmth and enjoyment of every season with culinary delights and beauty.

While the ground floor embodies versatility and an open sharing of spaces, the first floor exudes a sense of protected intimacy. The maximum level of comfort is reached in the master suite, where a fireplace warms the bed and shower. Two symmetrical suites share a fully furnished bathroom, cleverly concealed behind integrated furniture to maintain privacy. The project also includes an additional ensuite bedroom. Following a similar symmetry, the upper floor houses a versatile office space that doubles as a study and play area, serving as a third living room.

Susanna Cots, a renowned interior designer, has been honing her talent for over 20 years, specializing in creating balanced and visually comfortable spaces. Her unique approach to lighting, the interplay between spatial distribution and emotions, as well as her deep connection to nature, enhance awareness, well-being, and mindfulness.

In 2001, Susanna Cots established her studio in Catalonia, which gained international recognition leading to the opening of a second studio in Hong Kong in 2014. Her outstanding work has earned her prestigious international accolades and has been featured in publications across more than 30 countries, and she has delivered design talks in professional and academic settings. Driven by her constant exploration of design and emotional well-being, Susanna Cots ventured to create the brand known as The Eleven House.

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