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Clé de Maison transforms a Lithuania’s penthouse’s primary bedroom into a bold statement using furnishing from Laskasas.

An Award-Winning Project In Vilnius Features Laskasas Icons (36).jpg


Interior design studio, Clé de Maison, is known for creating luxury interiors worldwide. The firm is responsible for some of the most exquisite projects handling everything from space planning to décor. Their recent project in Vilnius, Lithuana consisted of merging two apartments to create a luxurious penthouse with spectacular rooftop terrace with jacuzzi. The result was an award-winning inspiring design that layered intriguing textures and materials, bold colors, sophisticated finishes, and details which offered their client something special and curated. But possibly the boldest statement was made in the primary suite.

An Award-Winning Project In Vilnius Features Laskasas Icons (25).jpg
An Award-Winning Project In Vilnius Features Laskasas Icons (40).jpg


To complete the upscale bedroom Clé de Maison chose a bold blue color for walls, ceilings, and wardrobe, three dramatic chandeliers, and pieces from Portugal-based Laskasas, which designs, customizes, and handcrafts all it’s furnishings to meet client’s needs. “The master bedroom is the place where people get their thoughts in order, rest and where go when they want to have a comfortable time,” states Laskasas’s rep Diogo Filipe Mendes. “That is why the Lauren Bed was chosen to be the focal point of the room. To be side by side with the bed, Clé de Maison has selected the Lady Bedside Tables. Rosie Dressing Table is the last design from Laskasas’ collection to be featured in this project. An iconic feminine piece that adds elegance to any bedroom.”

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