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Bryce Canyon, Utah : Investing in a First Class Eco Friendly Resort


Miles ahead of other eco-developments, the resorts at Bryce Canyon can fulfill the desire for investing in the development of a first class resort in a business friendly state.

November 17, 2014 | By: E.J. Webber

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When David Karmeli saw the majestic beauty of Bryce Canyon, Utah for the very first time some twelve years ago, the memory of Inspiration Point and surrounding areas remained, “Etched in my soul forever. There were no accommodations to speak of and visitors were herded and bussed from one location to the other with no time to connect to the experience of being in such a glorious place.


I also hated my accommodations, and so when an opportunity came up for my brother, Shahab and me, to purchase 164 acres of pristine high desert located within minutes of Bryce Canyon National Park, we jumped at the chance.” Currently, the permitting process is done, zoning for commercial, residential, and water rights purchase and transfer is accomplished, and ground has been broken, but Karmeli and his sponsors are seeking a Joint Venture equity partner to align with to complete the luxury resort complex.


Explaining that their vision for the buildings called The Resorts at Bryce Canyon include experiencing a sense of solitude through 80 family-friendly individual Eco-Cabins, built out of almost entirely recycled and renewable pre-fabricated Italian made materials. The plans also call for a fully functioning, 4-Star upscale Great Lodge, reminiscent of the classic kind but with a modern, “lots of glass” look to take advantage of the vistas; plenty of common areas where guests can mingle, along with 53 exceptional, top-notch contemporary Villas to be built into the landscape with minimal impact to the environment.  The Villas are all of natural materials using an Austrian concept of a “breathable building” to cool and heat the structures through an underground cavity.  “This idea has not been done yet in the U.S.,” said David Karmeli who literally moved into a nearby community to closely oversee the project – “We want to blend in with the ancient high desert landscape, not dominate it.”  Shahab echoed the sentiment: “We really love this land and from the beginning our aim was to share its magic and sensual beauty with as many people as possible. Although the Resort is a high-end luxury property we strived to make it accessible to a larger group, hence the addition of the Eco Cabins. They still embody all the design elements of the Villas but due to the nature of their construction allow us to offer them at pricing which still retains their exclusivity yet offers the guest great value.


In total, only approximately 20 acres will be developed.  Tom Kundig, the quintessential minimalist architect of modern design, and lover of harmony in both spirit and surroundings, understands the Karmelis’ vision and has penned the unique plans.  Kundig has often said that: “Mountaineering and architecture have many parallels—they're about solving the problem in as clear and economic means as possible—it's not about getting to the top."  And indeed, Kundig’s buildings and nature’s surroundings are spectacularly harmonious – hand in hand, every season of the year, the visitor is offered spiritual, romantic, and active pursuits of many kinds from photo opportunities to hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.  Nearby, the Bryce Canyon Airport can accommodate jet travelers and general aviation flights.  The Resort will only offer to enhance it all.


The Karmeli family and their principals feel that the strategic location of the property will help service the almost 4.5 million annual visitors to Bryce Canyon and nearby Zion National Park alone.  One of America’s most beautiful states, Utah is home to five national parks, 43 state parks, seven national monuments, and nine national forests.  Every year skiers, snowboarders, and other recreational partakers come to the location.  According to the Utah Office of Tourism, 6 million recreation visits were made in 2010 alone, with another nearly 5 million visitors to Utah’s 43 state parks.  These are heady numbers, and to say that there are not enough accommodations is an understatement.  Scenic Byway 12 which is 124 miles of the most gorgeous scenery, singlehandedly has achieved the status of an All American Road, making it one of the most unique of roads in the United States.  This one-of-a-kind designation by the Federal Highway Administration is so exceptional that this road is a destination unto itself.  To place another huge feather in the cap of Utah, the state in 2012 topped Forbes list of best states for business.


Bryce Canyon’s salmon pink and red pinnacles and spires sit like a crown upon the land and juts up 9,100 feet surrounded by tall timber.  The air is crisp and clear and the perfect opportunity awaits your consideration.  There is nothing of this caliber anywhere in the area.  Well versed in the target clientele, the current development team of real estate experts has also settled on the management group.  The property will be managed and flagged by GHM, an Aman Group Hospitality Management Co.  Together, they have demonstrated their knowledge of the area and the demand that exists for this type of resort.   To avail oneself of this unrepresented niche in the market, where The Resorts at Bryce Canyon will operate as an independent entity, with support from the highest levels of professional management, is truly the pinnacle of investment achievement. 


Your opportunity to invest from the ground up, and to be near the grandeur of this appealing landscape will be a powerful incentive and enduring portfolio for you.     


For further information please contact: David Karmeli, ADS Group Inc., (516) 606-6789


Original Article published in Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine Volume III Issue V

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