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A hypercar only for the true enthusiast, not investors.

Text: Jessica Hall
Aston Martin Valkyrie

That is exactly what Aston Martin, and Red Bull Advanced Technologies have created in the Aston Martin Valkyrie now in production. The hybrid powertrain boasts maximum power of 1,160bhp @ 10,500rpm and peak combined torque of 900Nm at 6,000rpm, making the Valkyrie the ultimate hypercar, and one of the hottest collector’s item on the market. The limited production vehicle will run you $3.2 Million. But don’t think you get on the list, buy it, and sell it to the unlucky patron who didn’t make the cut for a hefty profit. The condition of the sale will not allow it, making this work of art even more intriguing. To quote Andy Palmer, the Chief Executive of Aston Martin “I doubt they have a slot, but if they do and we identify who flipped, they lose the car. If they flip, then they never get another special.”

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