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Collectors of modern art prepare to be smitten with Arik Levy’s representation of the famous Mickey Mouse.

Arik Levy Mickey Mouse


For many, Disney represents the joy of their magical childhood, a world that seemed so simple, and their iconic, playful character Mickey, has brought happiness since its creation in 1928. Leblon Delienne, a unique workshop that has produced rare collectible items inspired by the world’s most beloved heroes and their imaginary universe for over three decades, breathes life into your favorite mouse with the unique collector’s item, Mickey Rock.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity by collaborating with Israeli artist, Arik Levy, globally recognized for his outstanding sculptures and outdoor installations, Leblon Delienne presents fans of Mickey Mouse and collector’s of art with the limited edition statue in three sizes: 18 cm, 43 cm, and 85 cm. To celebrate the trans-generational icon’s 90th birthday, the quintessential character has been mounted on Levy’s famed Rock sculpture, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

“With this creation, the direction I wanted to take goes beyond simple integration of the artistic ideas on a Disney icon. Mickey does not just look funny and cheerful; he now looks proud and satisfied. Evolving Mickey’s attitude through his body language per his arms, his fingers, as well as the posture of his head, was a real challenge. The Rock sculpture is an abstract multi-faceted artwork where light plays on its surface, and a multitude of interpretations flow from it, creating an extraordinary connection with Mickey and all of its success,” outlines Levy.

Price upon request.

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